Training Programme

The main objectives of the CIBERES learning and training programme are:

  • To promote the acquisition of comprehensive integrated clinical-basic knowledge for CIBERES researchers, so that basic researchers get clinical training in respiratory diseases, and clinical researchers learn the study possibilities meant by basic research, in order to facilitate a translational approach to scientific objectives.
  • To promote interest in research on respiratory diseases among young people in the training period in the field of Biomedicine, so that in the future they can supply candidates for the CIBERES research teams, as well as attracting the candidates with greatest talent.
  • To facilitate interaction and mobility of staff among the teams forming part of the CIBERES in order to improve researchers’ technical skills and scientific capacity.

All of this is intended to help recruit external staff, and to inform younger personnel connected with research teams of the financing possibilities for acquiring training and research experience in respiratory diseases.

It is also meant to foster inter-CIBER collaboration and cooperation by providing publicity for CIBERES projects and researchers and thus considering possible synergies with other CIBER or external research centres.

Four programmes have been created for these ends:

1. Programme for Training Research Staff

Meant for young people with training in any of the disciplines of Biomedicine, for them to get under way a research career in the field of respiratory diseases.

The aim of this programme is to launch a call for awarding grants of up to one year in length for university graduates who wish to take part in research projects in respiratory diseases at CIBERES groups.

This grant has a shuttle function meaning that it has the aim of covering the period between the researcher’s joining this programme to when any other subsequent aid, grant or financing source of longer length is obtained, enabling them to complete a doctoral thesis in the field of respiratory diseases.


-This call is not expected to be launched in 2019


2. Improvement and Mobility Programme

This programme is an open call system for financing the following:

  • Registration or enrolment expenses for training courses or learning activities.
  • Travel expenses and allowance for attending training courses or activities outside the usual place of residence, including travels to plan or collaborate with laboratories in the frame of collaborative research projects.
  • Stays for learning techniques or skills in another laboratory (including CIBERES, CIBER or external laboratories, both national and international).

See calls 

3. Programme for Fostering Interest in Respiratory Research

This has the aim of disseminating the scientific activity of the CIBERES and the achievements accomplished, in order to arouse young people’s interest for respiratory research. The dissemination of information and communication should preferably be done through the CIBERES Web.


CIBERES Training Sessions

CIBERES training sessions have the aim of informing about the research lines, research activity and resources available of the different CIBERES groups, as well as fostering interrelations between its younger researchers, attempting to establish bonds and interaction between clinical and basic researchers. These Training Sessions should also help to further relations with researchers from other CIBER in order to establish common ground with a view to future cooperation.

CIBERES Training Sessions have been held uninterruptedly since they started in 2008 in Palma de Mallorca. They were moved to Valladolid in 2014 and now are held in Madrid since 2016. They have always been very highly valued by the persons attending them. For all these reasons, the CIBERES intends to go on holding these courses once a year, preferably in autumn, as part of its Teaching and Training Programme.

The Sessions are intended for pre-doctoral or recent post-doctoral (under 4 years) researchers linked with any of the CIBERES groups. The participants must compulsorily give an oral or poster format presentation of their research work. They have to send in an abstract of the paper along with their registration application for this purpose.

As in the last editions, a prize is given for the best three presentations, which consists on a grant to finance the expenses of registration and travel to an international respiratory congress, up to at most 500€.

4. External Fundraising Programme

The training program proposes to strengthen the internationalization in CIBERES, the creation of aids to the researcher for the writing and presentation of European / international project proposals. The final objective of these grants is to increase the uptake of external resources in CIBERES through the increase of funded projects.

This call has been launched in 2017 and 2018, but at the moment is not expected to be announced for 2019.


Training Comission 2021.

-          Laura Amado Rodríguez. Coordinadora. Grupo 38.

-          José Angel Lorente Balanza. Grupo 23.

-          María Jesús Cruz Carmona. Grupo 16.

-          José Luís Izquierdo García. Grupo 31.

-          Carlos Flores Infante. Grupo 29.

-          Laia Fernández Barat. Grupo 14.

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