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Training Programme

The CIBERES Training Program is aimed at all research staff in the area (hired, attached and collaborators), and is coordinated by the Teaching Committee, made up of six members from different CIBERES groups.

The objectives of the program are:

- Promote the acquisition of integrated clinical-basic knowledge among the CIBERES research staff, in order that the most basic professional profiles acquire clinical training in respiratory diseases and the staff with more clinical dedication gets a brush of the study possibilities offered by basic research, to facilitate a translational approach to scientific objectives.

- Promote interest in research into respiratory diseases among personnel undergoing training within the field of biomedicine, so that they can be part of the CIBERES research teams in the future, as well as attract the most talented ones.

- Facilitate the interaction and mobility of researchers between CIBERES and CIBER groups, but also among other research centres to improve the technical skills and scientific capacity of the researchers and teams integrated into the CIBERES groups.

To achieve the objectives, the program carries out four actions:


1. Improvement scholarships

Improvement grants aim to improve the skills, knowledge, abilities, and resources of CIBERES researchers and groups. They are open to all CIBERES staff and include the co-financing of registration or enrolment expenses for courses or training activities, and travel grants to attend courses or training activities that are held outside the usual place of residence.

In the section "Calls" you will find the regulations, the forms and the instructions for the application in the current year.

2. Mobility scholarships

Mobility among research groups is considered an essential element in the CIBERES scientific program to favour the training of research staff in the priority lines of research based on the needs for development and implementation of new techniques in CIBER.

The mobility grants are intended to encourage short-term stays in other research groups for training purposes, to facilitate the transfer of experience and technology, and promote collaboration between the different CIBERES groups and other CIBER areas. Stays in external groups can also be awarded, if is justified that the learning or collaboration gain is not feasible within the Consortium.

In the section "Calls" you will find the bases and the forms for the application in the current year.

3. Training Symposium

The Training Symposium focused mainly on research staff in the initial stages of their professional development, is held annually to publicize the work of the CIBERES research lines, and the research activity and the resources available in the CIBERES research groups. Their main goal is to promote the interrelation between researchers in the area, trying to establish links and interactions for future collaborations between clinical and basic groups.

The Training Symposium has been held uninterruptedly since 2008. The first years took place in Palma de Mallorca. Later they were celebrated in Valladolid and Madrid. Afterwards, during the pandemic, they were held online. In 2022, the XV edition was held, and the face-to-face format was recovered.

To promote the collaboration and network establishment with research groups from other CIBER areas, we invited them in some editions. Thus, in 2016, the Training Symposium was held in collaboration with CIBER-BBN, in 2017 with CIBERFES and in 2018 with CIBERONC.


4. Endorsement of scientific activities

The Teaching Committee evaluates and grants scientific endorsements to activities of scientific, teaching or training interest, such as courses, symposiums, seminars, collaborative projects, or outreach activities with scientific, teaching or training interest for CIBERES members and aligned with the activity of the consortium.

To be endorsed, the activities must have at least one CIBERES researcher actively participating in the organization or achievement of the activity.

In the section "Calls" you will find the bases with the criteria required for the granting of scientific endorsement for the current year and instructions for the application.



Teaching Commission

Since 2020, the members of the Teaching Commission are:

-       Laura Amado Rodríguez, coordinator. (Attached to group CB17/06/00021)

-       José Ángel Lorente Balanza (IP of group CB06/06/0044)

-       Maria Jesús Cruz Carmona (Attached to group CB06/06/0030)

-       José Luis Izquierdo García (Attached to group CB06/06/1090)

-       Carlos Flores Infante (Attached to group CB06/06/1088)

-       Laia Fernández Barat (hired staff of group CB06/06/0028)

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